Annual Priorities


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YVMC is vital to our community. Every day doctors, nurses and staff provide healing, ease suffering and work to improve the quality of life for patients. From the birth of a newborn to the grandmother at the end of life, YVMC provides compassionate, award-winning care. Modern facilities, cutting edge technology and innovative programs are costly, but with your help, through your charitable donations, they are available for all who need them. YVMC makes sure vital resources are in place, including the equipment, physicians and staff necessary for effective treatment.

Gifts are vital, too. Each gift combined with every other gift keeps YVMC strong and at the ready for you and those we care about most – when we need it most. Your gift makes it possible for YVMC to continue to exceed your expectations.

YVMC SurgerySurgery: Surgical Equipment ($24,000)
Recent improvements in equipment make surgeries more efficient, reduce trauma and improve techniques. New procedures previously unavailable here require updated scopes and instrumentation. YVMC is embracing the use of innovative operating room products to continually improve the surgical experience and help people be cared for close to home.

YVMC PediatricsPediatrics: Indoor Sensory Gym ($15,000)
Children receiving physical therapy need access to play equipment throughout the year. An indoor Pediatric Sensory Gym will enhance development for children with disabilities ranging from motor and communication concerns, autism, spinabifida, attention deficit disorder and sensory processing disorder, to name a few.

YVMC Clinical StaffClinical Staff: Nurse Education ($25,000)
Medical advances, updated techniques for treatment and new medications are just a few of the reasons YVMC staff seek additional training and education. YVMC staff is committed to providing the best and most compassionate patient care. Advanced education and training experience at larger hospitals are two of the ways YVMC helps staff continue to grow skills.

Digital MammographyBreast Health Center: Imaging Equipment ($150,000)
Digital tomosynthesis offers 3-dimensional, multiple pictures of the breast from many angles. This new breast imaging technique will make breast cancers easier to see in dense breast tissue and breast screening more comfortable. Tomotechnology helps breast cancers to be found sooner or detect cancers that may be missed with 2-dimensional mammography.

This past year, your annual gifts have provided many enhancements to our hospital.
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