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Cancer Care Enhancements

Thanks to you, we continue to be successful in raising funds for our cancer care center project.   Our long-term friendships in the community have served to support continual improvements to Yampa Valley Medical Center and we are grateful.  Each year Yampa Valley Medical Center approaches the Foundation with a list of needs.  The additional items and training we aspire to provide is a significant investment and again, we invite you to support quality healthcare in our community.

IV Pumps ($24,000)  FUNDED ~ Thank you

Consistency matters when it comes to the delivery of medications. YVMC’s investment in leading edge medication management connects each patient to the hospital’s specific drug library and patient safety technology. Four new infusion pumps that are consistent with all the pumps used at YVMC integrated with bar code point of care.

Infusion Chairs ($48,000)  FUNDED ~ Thank you

The delivery of chemotherapy drugs can be stressful. Comforting care in a warm environment helps patients respond favorably to treatment. Reclining chairs that include massage, heated seats and a folding table for patients to place a laptop or tray offer a more accommodating and personalized visit.

Genetic Cancer Risk Assessment Education ($2,200)  FUNDED ~ Thank you

Genetic Cancer Risk Assessment is an emerging practice that requires cross-disciplinary knowledge of genetics, oncology, specialized patients and family counseling. Identifying hereditary cancer predisposition through genetic cancer risk assessment. GCRA allows for intensified measures to prevent cancers or detect them in an earlier, more treatable stage. This training will significantly increase the ability of our advanced practice oncology nurse practitioner to help identify risk in our rural area.

Art as Healing ($80,000) Raised $16,500

Studies show that visual art promotes well-being and improved patient outcomes. No longer just decorations for lobbies and corridors, art draws patients out of rooms, takes a person’s mind off pain and lowers stress levels. Steamboat Springs and surrounding area artists’ work comfort and enhance our local healing environment. Funds help purchase images of nature, animals and athletic activity and can be inexpensively produced or original artwork.

Area of Greatest Need

Gifts to the Yampa Valley Medical Center Foundation’s unrestricted funds are valuable and allow for allocation to the program or service where the need is greatest. Your contribution to these funds helps the Foundation respond to the pressing needs of patients, employees and community members here at the hospital.

This past year, your annual gifts have provided many enhancements to our hospital.

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